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All About Braids, Hair Weaving and Hair Extension Salon in Houston, TX
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Mercylyn McCall
Owner/Head Stylist

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All About Hair Weave-About Us

Hair Weaving services provided by All About Braids, Hair Weaving and Hair Extension. From different styles of weaves to extensions, if you are in the Houston, TX area, you will want to get yours done here.  We have the best prices around while offering the highest quality.

  • Weaving and Hair Extension Service:                              
  • Quick Weave Bonding -------------------$ 60
  • Quick Weave Bonding, Cut and Style--$ 80
  • HAIR WEAVING ---------------------------$175& up
  • HAIR EXTENSION--------------------------$175& up
  • Lace-Front --------------------------------$ 35
  • Interlocking Weaving services---------- $35.00 row
                                                                or $ 300.00 head