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All About Braids, Hair Weaving and Hair Extension Salon in Houston, TX

Phone # 832-688-8022
Mercylyn McCall
Owner/Head Stylist
Salon 123 at. 17675A suite 32, Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77064
Located at:

Braids, Dreads, Fusin Hair Extensions, Hair WeavesB


Tuesday - Friday 7am-7:30pm
Saturday 7am-7:30pm

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Located at:

Salon 123 at 17675A suite 32, Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77064

(Upon Entering the Building head to the First Hall on the Right)


read Twist maintenance (any size) for $50
 including (Shampoo, Condition & Re-twist,
If need
styling ($15)


We do all Ethnic Natural Hair, Houston Tx


$35.00 for straight-back braids (cornrows)
Prep for weaves, or crotchets etc *
Hair must be pre-washed*

       Braids, Dreads, Fusion Hair Extensions, Natural Hair, Houston Tx

Crochet braids for $80.00
Loose Crochet Braids for $100.00

Box braid large size (Diamond or triangle shape 25 - 30 plait) for $90

 2 braids $25.00 

Free style $150.00. Bring your own hair. New Customers Only*