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Dreads, Bohemian Locs, Faux Locs, Houston, TX

Tuesday - Friday 7am-7:30pm

Saturday 7am-7:30pm

Please Book your Appointment here.

Located At: Cypress, Texas 77433 


New Customers Only 

$35.00 for straight-back braids (cornrows)

Prep for weaves, or crotchets etc *

Hair must be pre-washed*

Now Offering

Bohemian & Faux Locs Individually $120-$200 (Special)

$150-$350 (Regular)

 Crochet braid $80.00
Loose Crochet Braids $100

Box braid large size (Diamond or triangle shape 25 - 30 plait) for $90

Hair extensions/weave $125 for 2 bundles sewed in. Any additional bundle $25 pre bundle.

 2 braids $25.00 ,

Free style $150.00 Bring your own hair New Customers Only*

Dreads, Houston, TX

Special on Hair Extensions Houston TX Promotion $125.00 bring your own hair

Dread Twist maintenance (any size) for $50 including (Shampoo, Condition & Re-twist, If need styling ($15)

Adult Natural Hair including Shampoo, Condition and

Styling $75

Service available on Sunday by appointment only Deposit is required (deposit will be subtracted from the total cost)

Regular Prices

Full head weave extensions

175.00 and up

Straight back cornrows

45.00 and up

Take Down



***Weave Extensions


Fusion Extensions Full Head

***Must purchase own hair


Crochet Braids



***Shampoo and Re-twist 

50.00 $ Up

We do all Natural Hair Shampoo/Condition and Press


Bohemian & Faux Locs






At our hair salon you will find a great mix of style and fun for families. From toddlers to parents, we will take care of the whole family's hair.

Sew in- Full Head

Body Hair Wave Front

Single Braids

Dipped in Hot Water for wave -front

Hair Dreads Styled

Crimple Waves & Color


Cornrow w/ Kinky Twist on the ends.

Hair Extension

Hair Extension w/ Curls

Fusion Extensions

Fusion Hair Extension

Our environment is fun, casual and has a welcoming feeling to the salon. Its never a dull day at

All About Braids, Hair Weaving and Hair Extension!

Walk in welcome

We require 24 hour notice for appointment changes.

Call 832-265-0032

Please go to the BUY NOW button below to make a payment.

Once a deposit is made it is non-refundable.

Any additional question please contact us.

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